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Yield Sec CEO Ismail Vali to Address European Casino Association (ECA) Industry Forum – European Gaming Industry News

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Ismail Vali, Founder and CEO of Yield Sec, will provide information on the full spectrum of participation in the betting, gaming and lottery market and the fight against criminal black market operations when he speaks to the European Casino Association (ECA) industry forum.

The ECA event, taking place in Vienna, Austria from September 27-30, 2022, is a renowned forum for industry players and executives to meet, debate and discuss key issues affecting the gaming industry. money online and land-based licensed across Europe.

Ismail will speak on the subject of Market protection: legal versus illegal, emphasizing the powerlessness felt by all legal actors in the face of the black market. He will discuss how government, regulators, legal operators and providers, law enforcement and even customers can now be supported and protected by Yield Sec, which seeks to make it unprofitable for illegal operators to remain active in what needs to become secure, optimized and contained iGaming marketplaces.

Ismail Vali, Founder and CEO of Yield Secsaid, “The sustainability of every regulated gaming market relies on the legal capabilities of stakeholders to fight crime directly, while optimizing and protecting their own interests and operations.

“I look forward to discussing the ways we as communities have tried to address illegal gambling, to date, and how the Yield Sec platform and our proprietary approaches and techniques will help every legal stakeholder. to take back control to ensure that betting, gambling and lottery activities no longer fund crime – they fund our commerce and our communities ashore.

The United Nations estimates that criminal black market operators generate up to $1.7 trillion a year in illegal sports and horse racing betting, which has a serious impact on the revenues of legal and licensed operators, as well as on taxation and the community support that governments can expect from the sector. The uncontrolled presence of black market activity further creates unsafe consumer environments and exponentially increases the risk of gambling-related harms, as illegal operators are not subject to any regulatory oversight or compliance checks.

The Yield Sec technical intelligence platform helps reduce and restrict the presence and profitability of illegal operators by denying these criminal entrants the marketing oxygen to acquire new audiences and reach or reactivate existing customers. Yield Sec identifies all gaming activity within an individual jurisdiction and, through the application of its proprietary technology, processes, AI, machine learning and expert human interaction, delivers benefits and actionable value for every legal stakeholder client.

This helps them to optimize and protect their own operations and reality, which in turn has a positive impact on the market ecosystem. Companies will only achieve meaningful and genuine responsible gaming if the measures are applied uniformly among a select group of compliant licensed operators, and if the legal industry is able to grow in a sustainable way while providing predictable taxation and proceeds for good causes in government and the community. Each of these goals is only achieved through the reduction and suppression of criminal black market gambling activity.

Hermann Pamminger, General Secretary of the European Casino Association (ECA) said: “The European Casino Association is pleased to invite an expert such as Ismail Vali to speak at our industry forum and advise us on how best to identify, approach and to challenge the menace of the black market that has plagued our industry and our communities for far too long.

“We welcome the opportunity to discuss practical steps to report illegal activity while reinforcing meaningful and responsible gaming practices consistently adopted by our licensed and regulated members. As an integral part of the international gambling industry entertainment, we all have to play by the same rules.