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Watch Biden’s left hook – AMAC

On the one hand, you’ll say, “What, Biden’s left hook?” On the other, know this: Democrats plan to roll back, make big changes between November 9, 2022 and January 3, 2023, before 118e Congress is sworn in. “What do you mean?” Only that.

The Democrats produced no legislative progress while owning the White House, Senate and House. Their achievements are retro-achievements – massive mistakes, economically damaging, undemocratic and largely unpopular as well as objectively indefensible. But they are not done.

So far, they have shut down large parts of the discovery, extraction, production, refining and transportation of fossil fuels. They have imposed enormous costs on the average population, with unnecessary spending, skyrocketing prices, $3 trillion in waste and new government mandates, all driving inflation to levels not seen in 40 years.

Moreover, they have produced international disgrace after disgrace, undermining the credibility of the United States on a global scale, encouraging “small incursions” and missteps that have produced mass casualties, from Afghanistan and the United States. Ukraine to creating ambiguity between allies in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, Taiwan and Australia. to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

They pushed police to cut funding, restrict guns, penalize and intimidate parents who defend their children, placing an anti-science, anti-religion agenda above basic understandings of education public, science, mathematics and constitutional law.

In the meantime, they have failed to solve problems such as drug addiction, drug trafficking, open borders, illegal immigration, while using underhanded means, lies and permissive and violent riots to promote everything from racist tensions and the delegitimization of the police (which now face record ambushes, shootings, and suicides, record recruitment, retention, and low morale) to constant hyperbole about “the insurrection “.

Perhaps most damaging, they attacked the “separation of powers” ​​doctrine, avoiding accountability – no serious investigation or prosecution – for Clinton campaign irregularities, Biden family dealings with China, the lies undermining the other part from 2016 to 2020.

Now they are quietly backtracking on past pronouncements – first saving the current Supreme Court, then suddenly withdrawing their vows to “fill the court” if given the chance, i.e., to transform it in politics by adding Democrats above the current nine members, a number that has been stable for 150 years.

They are shyly moving away from their “we’ll fill the court” and “we’ll make you pay” statements, their old defunding of the police, the legalization of drugs, the end of parole, the federalization of all elections, the socialization of the energy sector, state and local takeover education, the end of fossil fuels overnight, the raising of taxes on the middle class, the mass production of electric cars, new massive spending and regulation.

Do you smell a rat? Having lived through political cycles until Richard Nixon’s first race – with some awareness of dirty old tricks, sudden roars, October surprises, and now the “new Democratic Party”, which seems to believe that the ends of the left justify all the means… it is necessary I wonder: are these sudden confessions of conversion at mid-term or on the bed of death real, or is it just another pretense?

What is the real plan, the real game, and what should all Americans be worried about? In short, if the Democrats can convince the country that they had no intention of doing everything they did and that they have no bad intentions for the past seven weeks “we are in charge ” – from November 9 to January 3 – they could get people to vote for them, denounce races in 2022 that they should not win.

Then what ? Expect a hurricane of legislation, which will be signed by Biden before two years of Republican Congress. Expect a complete attempt to “gild the lily” by filling the Supreme Court with more “ranking partisan” justices, sudden codification of Roe vs. Wade (throwing the judgment of the Court Dobbs decision), federalizing all state elections, pushing for gun bans and confiscation, effectively taking the “woke” agenda and making it federal law.

You can doubt me, scoff at this idea, look at the mandate likely to come out on November 8th and imagine that Biden and congressional Democrats will be reluctant, never root out the filibuster, never try to hijack the election process, never go back to ‘third world’ public corruption, don’t throw a ‘left hook’ in the last round. But take my words, many are thinking about it now – and America should.

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