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Vale joins the International Copper Association

Vale was elected a member yesterday at ICA’s annual membership meeting in London, bringing the membership to 31 across six continents.

“We are delighted that Vale is joining us at this crucial time when ESG issues and climate change mitigation are driving the industry towards positive change,” said CIA President Anthony Lea.

“We are working closely with our members to define ways in which the copper industry can decarbonize its own processes, and we aim to deliver a roadmap to achieve this by early next year. .

“It is essential that Vale’s voice be heard in the process.”

Vale Base Metals Executive Vice President Mark Travers said the company is committed to integrating sustainability into its operations “by building a strong and positive economic, social and environmental legacy and by mitigating the impacts of its operations. operations “.

“Copper mining is a critical part of our business and we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously,” he said.

“The CIA guides its industry-leading members towards collective carbon neutrality and Vale believes it is important to collaborate with our peers in this transformation.

Vale produced 360,100 tonnes of copper in 2020, compared to 1.26 million tonnes for other ICA Glencore members and 276,000 tonnes for the Canadian company Teck Resources.