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The International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association Recognizes Electronic Transaction Consultants, LLC (ETC) with the 2022 Tolling Excellence Award for the Private Sector

Electronic Transaction Consultants will receive the award at the 90th IBTTA Annual Meeting and Exhibition in September.

Washington, DC, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association (IBTTA) has awarded Electronic Transaction Consultants, LLC (ETC) a company Quarterhill Inc. (TSX: QTRH) (OTCQX: QTRHF ) the 2022 Toll Excellence Award for Private Sector Innovation for ETC’s Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) application for the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA). Every year, IBTTA presents the Toll Excellence Award to highlight the best projects, innovations and solutions from the international toll industry, and describes the winners as “world industry and role model leaders, doing exceptional work finding less expensive solutions for drivers, creating stronger customer support services, improving safety, improving sustainable clean water practices and adopting new technologies.” The awards will be presented at the 90th Annual Meeting and Expo of the IBTTA in Austin, Texas on September 19, 2022. ETC has already won the 2019 IBTTA Award of Excellence for the successful implementation of the Central US Interoperability Center.

In 2019, The Harris County Court of Commissioners unanimously approved changes to the violation billing and collection process to provide a more user-friendly and transparent resolution process for drivers. HCTRA commissioned ETC to develop and implement an integrated ARM application initially intended for use by HCTRA. The ARM application has been specifically designed and developed to collect overdue debts along with the functionality to conduct hearings, arbitrations and/or litigation. The ARM application was to be integrated with the ETC riteHorizon™ back-office system implemented at HCTRA, as well as electronic delivery of data and documents to the Harris County Attorney’s Office and County Clerk’s Office. The ARM application is a consolidated solution with the integration of advanced technologies, including a modern low-code user interface (UI) and cloud infrastructure, and can be easily integrated with any back-office system, toll Or other. The system provides seamless integration between different processes, with a clear timeline for each collection and escalation points for legal action. This allows users to quickly assess each case and decide on next steps.

“The ETC team is very grateful to have been selected by IBTTA for this respected award,” said ETC President and CEO Kevin Holbert. “This is further validation of ETC’s dedication to technical and operational excellence and its commitment to being the innovation leader in the tolling and smart mobility market. This would not have been possible without the visionary Anil Mirmira, PE, Deputy Director, Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA), and his team who gave ETC the opportunity to be their solution provider. Through this project, ETC was able to support HCTRA’s new business process for in-house bad debt collection as well as hearings and litigation. The implementation of the ARM application has not only enabled HCTRA to maximize its revenue collection, but also to increase the conversion from an unregistered user to a registered account holder.

About Electronic Transaction Consultants, LLC

ETC is a leading provider of intelligent transportation systems in the United States, developing and delivering industry-leading solutions for tolling, congestion management, smart mobility, and multimodal transportation initiatives. ETC’s passionate and innovative team has been leading the future of mobility since 1999, with a number of industry firsts including electronic toll collection (AET), dynamic pricing, agency interoperability, hosted mobility and machine learning.

For more than two decades, ETC has provided sophisticated solutions to many of the largest toll authorities in the United States, including statewide programs, county networks, and specific toll authorities. ETC’s solutions process over two billion transactions annually, totaling over $3 billion in revenue for our customers, integrating the latest open source and SaaS technologies and Big Data architecture through our innovative riteSuite™ products.

About Quarter Hill

Quarterhill is a leading provider of tolling and application solutions in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry, as well as, through its subsidiary Wi-LAN Inc., a leader in intellectual property licensing. Our goal is global leadership in ITS, through the organic growth of the Electronic Transaction Consultants, LLC (ETC) and International Road Dynamics, Inc. (IRD) platforms, and by pursuing an acquisition-driven investment strategy that capitalizes on exciting growth opportunities within ITS. and its adjacent markets. Quarterhill is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol QTRH and on the OTCQX Best Market under the symbol QTRHF. For more information visit

About the International Association of Bridges, Tunnels and Toll Highways

The International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association (IBTTA) is the worldwide association of owners and operators of toll facilities and the companies that serve them. Founded in 1932, IBTTA has members in more than 20 countries on six continents. Through advocacy, thought leadership, and education, members implement innovative, state-of-the-art transportation financing solutions to address the critical infrastructure challenges of the 21st century.

Forward-looking information

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding ETC, Quarterhill and their businesses. Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and assumptions made by ETC and/or Quarterhill in light of their experience and perception of historical trends, current conditions, expected future developments and the expected effects of new business strategies, as well as other factors which ETC and/or Quarterhill believe to be appropriate in the circumstances. The forward-looking events and circumstances discussed herein may not occur and may differ materially due to known and unknown risk factors and uncertainties affecting ETC and/or Quarterhill, including: potential risks and uncertainties relating to the ultimate geographic spread of the nouveau coronavirus (“COVID-19[FEMININE”);lagravitédelamaladie;laduréedel’épidémiedeCOVID-19;lesmesuresquipeuventêtreprisesparlesautoritésgouvernementalespourcontenirl’épidémiedeCOVID-19oupourtraitersonimpact;lesimpactsnégatifspotentielsduCOVID-19surl’économiemondialeetlesmarchésfinanciersettoutimpactquienrésultesurETCet/ouQuarterhillet/ouleursactivitésLesautresfacteurscomprennentsanss’ylimiterlesrisquesdécritsdanslanoticeannuelledeQuarterhilldu20mars2022pourl’exerciceclosle31décembre2021(la«noticeannuelle»)Desexemplairesdelanoticeannuellepeuventêtreobtenusàl’adressewwwsedarcomETCetQuarterhillrecommandentauxlecteursd’examineretdeprendreencomptetouscesfacteursderisqueetnotenthatreadersshouldnotplaceunduerelianceonETCE’sforward-lookingstatementsThasnointentionandassumesnoobligationtoupdateorrevisetheforward-lookingstatementswhetherasaresultofnewinformationfutureeventsorotherwiseexceptasrequiredbylaw[FEMININE”);lagravitédelamaladie;laduréedel’épidémiedeCOVID-19 ;lesmesuresquipeuventêtreprisesparlesautoritésgouvernementalespourcontenirl’épidémiedeCOVID-19oupourtraitersonimpact ;lesimpactsnégatifspotentielsduCOVID-19surl’économiemondialeetlesmarchésfinanciersettoutimpactquienrésultesurETCet/ouQuarterhillet/ouleursactivitésLesautresfacteurscomprennentsanss’ylimiterlesrisquesdécritsdanslanoticeannuelledeQuarterhilldu20mars2022pourl’exerciceclosle31décembre2021(la«noticeannuelle»)Desexemplairesdelanoticeannuellepeuventêtreobtenusàl’adressewwwsedarcomETCetQuarterhillrecommandentauxlecteursd’examineretdeprendreencomptetouscesfacteursderisqueetnotentqueleslecteursnedoiventpassefierindûmentauxdéclarationsprospectivesd’ETCETCn’aaucuneintentionetn’assumeaucuneobligationdemettreàjourouderéviserlesdéclarationsprospectivesquecesoitàlasuitedenouvellesinformationsd’événementsfutursouautrementsaufsilaloil’exige

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