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Sindhi Association opens free legal clinic in Katong, Mountbatten region

SINGAPORE – People now have more access to free legal services after a new pro bono legal clinic opened at the Singapore Sindhi Association (SSA) on Thursday (December 30th) as part of its aim to give back to society to mark its centenary. birthday.

Free legal advice and aid will be available to members of the public who cannot afford the costs of private legal services, with a focus on the Sindhi community and residents of the Katong and Mountbatten area, where the association is located.

The clinic’s volunteer lawyers and advisers come from the association.

The SSA, which was established in 1921, also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Law Society Pro Bono Services (LSPBS) to allow the LSPBS to refer its applicants to the legal clinic.

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Indranee Rajah, who witnessed the signing, said she was encouraged by the partnership as it would further improve access to justice in Singapore.

“It is this very spirit of volunteerism, giving and partnership that brings to life the true essence of pro bono work and will touch the lives of many in a meaningful way,” she added.

Ms. Indranee also said the Department of Justice is working with LSPBS to develop a single portal to consolidate legal information and assistance.

Law Society of Singapore President Gregory Vijayendran said legal clinics often serve as a first port of call for seeking help in a legal crisis.

He added that volunteer lawyers at the SSA clinic will be better equipped to help members of the Sindhi community.

“Volunteers who attend the SSA clinic will have Sindhi-specific cultural sensitivity, which will be particularly important for the advice given… This is not an enclave, but a safe space in society,” he said. he declares.

The first clinical session is scheduled for the second week of February next year.