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Re-elected miners’ association chief says change must not negatively impact operations

Re-elected president of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA), Andron Alphonso says that over the next two years the body will research and develop technologies “that would improve recovery and simultaneously reduce environmental impact” .

Speaking at the GGDMA Annual General Meeting held last week, Alphonso said miners must strive to mine more safely and efficiently while minimizing impacts. He cautioned, however, that while change is necessary, the pace of change in the industry should not negatively impact mining operations. His remarks appear to be aimed at pressuring miners to stop using mercury in gold recovery operations.

He said GGDMA will continue to import and test other technologies that will improve production. He also informed members that the Association will be looking at the countries where technologies are used to determine what is best suited for Guyana.

In his address, Alphonso also called on miners to focus on occupational safety and health when conducting their operations.

Furthermore, he said that over the next two years he will continue his efforts to eradicate the scourge of illegal mining which has negatively impacted the industry.

The Association’s president also told the assembly that he will also lobby the government to improve infrastructure such as roads and bridges, which will give miners 24-hour access in and out of areas. mining. This, he noted, is necessary to ensure the development of the industry and open new areas of exploration.

In his address, Alphonso, who was re-elected unopposed, also thanked the government for the renewal of the investment development agreement which allows benefits to miners who meet their tax obligations. He said the deal paved the way for the re-application of VAT-exempt status on heavy equipment and ATVs used in industry.

Furthermore, he said that discussions would continue to find the right balance between the implementation of the new anti-money laundering (AML) legislation and the practical limits to be taken into account to ensure the survival of the industry. .

The new leadership team for 2021-2023 includes: Hilbert Shields – Vice President; Azeem Baksh – Secretary; Mahendra Persaud – Treasurer; and Ronaldo Alphonso – Organizing Secretary.