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Nevada Mining Association Approves Ballot Question 1 | Mining

RENO — The Nevada Mining Association has announced its support for Question 1 of the Nevada Ballot, saying it will “benefit our state’s higher education system by bringing accountability, transparency, and oversight to the system of Nevada Higher Education (NSHE) and the Board of Regents, which oversees the state’s university, colleges, and community colleges.

“Nevada’s mining industry relies heavily on workforce training and other programs provided by our community colleges, which have recently been targeted for budget cuts and even eventual elimination,” the president said. from NVMA, Tire Gray. “…With a system in place for checks and balances, we can ensure that taxpayer dollars benefit these crucial programs and continue to support rural Nevada and industry like ours.”

Established in 1913, the NVMA conducts education and lobbying activities on behalf of mining companies throughout the state.

“Mining employs 11,000 people statewide and plays an important role in the state’s economy, especially in mining communities and counties,” the group’s statement said.

Ballot Question 1, formerly known as AJR5, has passed the Legislature twice with bipartisan support.

According to the Associated Press, this would remove the Board of Regents system from the state constitution, giving the legislature more control over colleges and universities. The amendment would allow lawmakers to make changes without having to go through a five-year process of amending the constitution.