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Michigan State Joins Multi-State Internet Gaming Association

The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association LLC announces the admission of the State of Michigan as a party to the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, pending full performance of the Agreement by the State of Michigan. Michigan.

The Multistate Internet Gaming Agreement was reached by the states of Nevada and Delaware in 2014, following the passage of Assembly Bills Nos. 114 and 360 in Nevada during the 77th session of the Nevada Legislature, to share cash among participating customers. in legal forms of online gaming within the geographic limits of both jurisdictions. In 2017, New Jersey became a party to the agreement, extending the Association’s shared liquidity to full online casino games.

“The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association welcomes Michigan to its ranks, along with its nearly 10 million residents, who can now enjoy a full range of interactive games among Association member states,” said Rebecca Satterfield, Association Director and Internet Gaming Manager for the Delaware Lottery. “The Association continues to be forward-thinking and welcomes the interest of other gaming jurisdictions in becoming parties to the Accord.”

The Association, a Delaware corporation, administers the affairs of member states that are parties to the Multistate Internet Gaming Agreement. Currently, Michigan and Nevada offer online poker to member states, while Delaware and New Jersey offer a full range of online games.