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Maryland State Bar Association Hosts Interviews with Maryland Lieutenant Governor

The MSBA Hosts Lieutenant Governor Sessions to Provide Policy Perspective and Engagement to the Legal Community and the People of Maryland

BALTIMORE, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) continues to provide nonpartisan interviews with election candidates this election season; offering voters and colleagues in the legal profession the opportunity to learn the candidates’ positions on the most pressing issues facing the state and the legal profession. The MSBA recently held interviews for applicants to Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. The aspiring candidates discussed their platforms and their vision for from Maryland future with former senator Bobby Zirkin to University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The MSBA has invited all candidate lieutenant governors to participate in interviews. The following candidates shared their views with the MSBA:

  • Christiana Logansmith (Libertarian – David Lachar country)
  • Gordana Schifanelli (Republican – Dan Cox country)
  • Monique AndersonWalker (Democrat – Pierre Franchot country)
  • Justinian Dispenza (Democrat – Jerome Segal country)
  • Candace Hollingworth (Democrat – Doug Gansler country)
  • Aruna Miller (Democrat – Wes Moore country)
  • Michelle Siri (Democrat – John King country)

In addition to hosting lieutenant governor candidates for interviews, the association also conducted one-on-one interviews with Republican gubernatorial candidates. Robin Ficker and Joe Werner. The MSBA also hosted a Democratic Governors Forum in June and a virtual discussion with the Republican gubernatorial candidate. Kelly Shultz.

“The MSBA leadership team is committed to creating opportunities for the voices of the legal profession to be heard and to helping educate the state’s more than 40,000 attorneys about candidates seeking to represent them” , said David Chapiro, president of the Maryland State Bar Association. “We are proud to orchestrate a platform for candidates to connect with members of the legal community and hope that all Marylanders will take advantage of these unique opportunities to learn more about the candidates and their perspectives on issues that will affect our state.”

All candidate interviews are available on the MSBA Connect with Candidates page, including interviews and forums with candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

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