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Lincoln Association Celebration, Union City Students and Teachers Donate to Red Cross | Journal entries

The Lincoln Association celebrates its 157th anniversary

The Jersey City Lincoln Association celebrated its 157th anniversary on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Feb. 12, with a banquet at the Liberty House Restaurant, Liberty State Park, Jersey City. The organization is the oldest in the nation to honor Lincoln and was organized in 1865 after his assassination and has met annually since.

This year’s keynote speaker was former New Jersey Congresswoman Joan D. Quigley, who also served as past president of the association. She served on the General Assembly from 1994 to 2012 and served as its president from 2004 to 2006. She is President and CEO of North Hudson Community Action Corp. and weekly columnist for the Jersey Journal. Well-known figures in politics, business, military, civil rights and education have addressed the group each year.

The group laid a wreath at the Lincoln statue at the entrance to Lincoln Park, Kennedy Blvd. and Belmont Avenue, Jersey City.

St. Dominic’s Academy Announces New Principal

Elizabeth Christou-Woodall, the current acting principal of St. Dominic Academy in Jersey City, has been named principal. Christou-Woodall joined St. Dominic Academy in September 2021 as Acting Principal.

Union City students and teachers donate to the Red Cross

Following the recent fire in New York and tornadoes in other parts of the country, students and teachers in Union City donated a check for $6,262.25 to the American Red Cross to help those affected by these events. .

Speaking on behalf of the Board, Director of Community Relations Mercedes Joaquin said: “I would like to thank all of our employees for contributing so generously during this difficult time. Despite all the adversity our employees have experienced due to the pandemic, they have never forgotten their commitment to helping those in need.

Students of the anti-drug and anti-violence course

About 550 fifth-grade students at seven schools in North Bergen participate in the Law Enforcement Against Drugs & Violence (LEAD) program, a national nonprofit that brings law enforcement and communities together and provides a program for students who educates them about the dangers of drugs, violence and bullying.

North Bergen Police Department Constable Joe Sitty is in charge of the 10-week program that guides students to make decisions without resorting to drugs or violence.

LEAD is taught in 42 states from K-12 by 3,000 officers, teachers and prevention specialists. New Jersey has the largest LEAD program in US public schools, with approximately 1,780 instructors statewide.

Officer Sitty treats graduating students from the LEAD program to “North Bergen LEAD Day”, a gathering in the fields of North Bergen where he and his students celebrate with food, games, and music.

Hudson Regional Hospital a primary stroke center

Hudson Regional Hospital has been designated a Primary Stroke Center by the NJ Department of Health. The designation allows stroke patients in the area to have more immediate access to emergency care without having to travel farther outside of their community within the critical minutes of the onset of stroke symptoms. Stroke.

As part of the designation, all practitioners, nurses and emergency room staff receive stroke training on an annual basis.

Hudson Regional Hospital is also educating the public through a community outreach program that includes virtual classes in English and Spanish on identifying common stroke symptoms, including the FAST test: F= Face: can they smile; A = Arms: can they raise their arms; S = Speech: can they speak without articulating or having a strange sound; T = time: If you see any of these signs, call 911 immediately and ask to be taken to the nearest primary stroke center.

For more information on stroke symptoms and treatment, visit For more information about Hudson Regional Hospital, visit or call 201-392-3100.

Students earn academic honors

Cecilia Careaga, College of Letters and Science, Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry and Biology; and Noah Kim, College of Engineering, Master of Engineering, Engineering, received their degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in a commencement ceremony at the Kohl Center on Dec. 19.

Jersey City’s Michael Lettieri graduated with an MEM (Engineering Management) from Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology in Fall 2021.

The following Jersey City residents have been named to the New York Institute of Technology Honors Lists: Steven Orense, Poojaben Harshbhai Patel, and Angelina Ramsumair have been named to the Dean’s List. Matthaeus Zidane Granger, Ioannis Ioakimidis, Darverson Lara, Tanvi Jitendrakumar Patel, Rutvi Rajpara and Kristin Dana Salvacion have been named to the Presidential Honor List.

The following local residents have earned an Achievement Award at Western Governors University. The award is given to students who perform at a superior level in their courses: Julie Olewinsky from Hoboken, Cassandra Goeke and Daniel Valdes from Jersey City, Julissa Encalada and Milagros Santiago from North Bergen, Getnet Tolera from Secaucus, and Yamila Castro and Sara D ‘Sola of Union City.

The following students were among the 663 students named to Caldwell University’s Fall 2021 Dean’s List: Emily Dello Russo, Jacklyn Modhu, Douglas Griffenkranz, Kayla Klich, Kellie Gonzalez, Merna Ali, and Jerry Veloz from Bayonne; Suzanne Hamzah of Guttenberg; Amanda Mestre and Kyelia Colon from Hoboken; Lilian Mai, Emily Balcazar, Paul Iwarat and Mariam Haroun of Jersey City; Juan Armas, Pamela Nolasco, Jennifer Cun and Kelly Berovides from North Bergen; Sydney Weinowitz, Carolina Weinowitz and Ella Langrehr of Secaucus; Union City’s Frank Gonzalez and Alicia Santamaria; and Hilary Dextre, Berkeley Genis and Evelyn Giron of West New York.

Christian Perez of North Bergen has been named to the Fall 2021 Dean’s List at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Maxwell Hutton, a political science student at Dickinson College, was named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2021 semester. A graduate of Millennium High School, he is the son of Rodney and Kajsa Hutton of Jersey City.

The University of Hartford has announced that Destinee Bai of Jersey City has been named to the Dean’s List for Fall 2021.

Tufts University has announced that the following Jersey City residents have been named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2021 semester: Stephen Christopher, Yusuf Haque, Marcus Hardy, and Aolani Lopez.

Jersey City’s Lola Buczkowski has been named to Bates College’s Dean’s List for the fall semester ending December 2021. Buczkowski, the daughter of Serge P. Buczkowski and Lori S. Perbeck, is a 2020 graduate of High Tech High School.

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford has named Jersey City sports and recreation management freshman Abdul Elola to the fall semester 2021 dean’s list.