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Law Association warns against scammers selling title deeds

The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago warns the public against fraudulent activity regarding deeds sold by persons who do not own the property or persons posing as lawyers.

In one update on November 30, the Association said it was investigating fraudulent activity:

“Its members have reported that there are a number of deeds in the Land Registry records relating to real estate transactions which are suspected to have been made by persons who are not the true owners of the property and persons pretending to be lawyers.”

The Association said these fraudulent deeds and identities are used to complete the sale of properties across Trinidad and Tobago.

The Association urges the public and members to take precautions when dealing with real estate transactions and said citizens should be vigilant in their dealings with people claiming to be owners or agents in the sale of properties.

The Association added that it is building a database of such suspicious acts and questionable transactions, as well as meeting with stakeholders to resolve the issue.

The group said anyone with information about fraudulent activity related to real estate transactions is urged to report the matter to the police and the Association, and to retain only legitimate lawyers who hold a certificate of exercise valid for real estate transactions.