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Iron Mining Association Announces 2022 Board of Directors | The personalities of the news

The Iron Mining Association of Minnesota (IMA) – the trade association that represents northeast Minnesota’s largest industry, the state’s iron mines, and companies that supply goods and services to iron mines – announced the results of the annual elections of its Board of Directors. Due to current health issues, the 29th Annual Meeting has been postponed. The new date for the event will be February 17.

The IMA welcomes new board member Aaron Clusiau (Security State Bank), who has also accepted the offer to become the treasurer of the board. Additionally, Allyz Kramer (Short Elliot Hendrickson), Jim Perry (Furin and Shea) and Bruce Mars (Conveyor Belt Services/Mars Supply) will join the board.

They join the other board members: Randy Abernethy (Industrial Weldors & Machinists), Jon Anderson (Road Machinery and Supplies), Chrissy Bartovich (US Steel – Minnesota Ore Operations), Tim Kalisch (US Steel – Minnesota Ore Operations) , Lukas Klemke (United States Steel – Minnesota Ore Operations), Travis Kolari (US Steel – Minnesota Ore Operations), Mark Lorenz (Steel Dynamics), Bruce Richardson (PolyMet Mining), Jason Janisch (Jasper Engineering), Nels Ojard (Krech Ojard & Associates), Deb DeLuca (Duluth Seaway Port Authority), Frank Frederickson (Minnesota Power) and Jeffrey Lipovetz (TKDA).

The IMA would also like to acknowledge its outgoing Board Member, thanking her for her years of service, dedication and advocacy for the iron mining industry: Marci Knight (Park State Bank).

In 2022, the IMA welcomes the continued leadership of Chrissy Bartovich of US Steel as Chair of the IMA Board of Directors. “The IMA is a strong advocate for the iron mining industry, and I look forward to building on that strength to ensure the success of this industry for generations to come,” said Bartovich.

The IMA is led by President Kelsey Johnson, who looks forward to another successful year.

“I am excited to work with Ms. Bartovich and this influential group of regional business leaders to continue to grow the industry in 2022. Each professional represents the many facets of Northeast Minnesota’s largest industry,” said Johnson.