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Indian Olympic Association to IOC on threat of suspension: ‘A little out of place’ | More sports news

NEW DELHI: Three days after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) threatened to suspend the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for its failure to hold the elections on time, IAO Saturday called the world body’s warning “a little out of place” while reminding him that the courts in India – a country that has “a
the best and most independent judicial system in the world” — are seized of the case.
While the IOC and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) was addressed jointly to the Executive Board (EC) of the IOA, the Acting President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), Anil Khannawas responsible for responding to the “premature warning of suspension” from the governing bodies in a communication.
“What I find a bit inappropriate, however, is a premature suspension warning without the lOC/OCA giving the AIO a reasonable opportunity. The IOA has repeatedly requested a meeting with yourselves, to establish timelines for addressing OCA/OCA concerns. We hope you will give us this opportunity,” Khanna wrote in his letter to IOC Director of Olympic Solidarity and National Olympic Committee Relations James MacLeod and OCA Director General Husain AlMusallam.
“The honorable court sees to it that the constitution of the OA also complies with the National Sports Development Code of India (NSDCI), the law of the land and the Olympic Charter with fair representation of the athletes. As a result of the vacancy arising following the resignation of Dr. (Narendra) Batra from the post of President of the IOA, the
The Honorable High Court of Delhi has confirmed my appointment as Acting/Interim President of the IOA, in accordance with the law of the land and the IOA constitution approved by the IOC,” the letter reads.
It is relevant to mention here that the IOC letter was addressed to the IOA EC. The IOC has yet to approve Khanna’s elevation to the post of Interim President of the IOA.