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HC maintains BAI movement against Karnataka badminton association

The Karnataka High Court has suspended the decision of the Badminton Association of India (BAI) to disaffiliate from the Karnataka Badminton Association (KBA).

The BAI had sent a letter to KBA on July 13 disaffiliating it, citing KBA’s failure to comply with the amendment to its constitution and its compliance with the BAI statutes.

The KBA’s motion challenging it was heard by Judge SG Pandit.

KBA’s attorney argued that the “letter issued disaffiliating the petitioner is in violation of the principles of natural justice and that no notice is issued”. court that ”The Karnataka Badminton Association did not amend the statutes as per the National Sports Development Code of India, 2011. before disaffiliating from the Karnataka Badminton Association. The matter must be considered.” Accordingly, he suspended the said letter and granted the respondents two weeks to file a statement of opposition.

Urgent notice has been sent to Government of India, Government of Karnataka, BAI and Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Sports of Karnataka.

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