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Be circumspect and concise in your quotes – Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners to the media

The Ghana National Association of Small-Scale Miners (GNASSM) calls on the media to be circumspect and concise when quoting small-scale mining journalists in their publications.

According to GNASSM, linking every small-scale miner to the Small Scale Miners Association leaves a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to holders of leadership positions.

In a statement seen by JoyNews, the Association added that the reference to members must be made with a certain level of clarity and precision in order to remove any unnecessary suspicion.

“Reference is made to the recent media posting involving a Mr Kwadwo Peprah over comments on the re-arrest of Aisha Huang (galamsey queen) where most media reports describe him as the President of the Association of small-scale miners.

“However, this is not the reality. Said Kwadwo Peprah is not even a member of the National Association of Small Scale Miners of Ghana, let alone its President. By all estimates, such publications affect the integrity of our members, especially the national executive and other office holders,” the statement said.

Addressing the re-arrest of Queen Galamsey, Aisha Huang, GNASSM said it was ready “to assist the Ghanaian Police, National Security and other state institutions involved in the prosecution of all illegal miners, including those accused of offenses such as Aisha Huang, and have high hopes that these collaborative efforts will ultimately help weed out illegal miners and their accomplices, and instead ensure the promotion and protection of legal mining in Ghana’s mining space.