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AXEL announces a partnership with the New York Bar Association


AXEL Go is now available to 25,000 New York lawyers through AXEL’s partnership with the New York Bar Association.

AXEL Go is a great addition to our member benefits, because data security and privacy has never been more important for lawyers.

— Arlene Bein, New York Bar Association

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, July 26, 2022 / — AXEL is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the New York Bar Association to offer its sharing and AXEL Go file storage to over 25,000 legal professional members as part of the association’s membership benefits. AXEL Go is the preferred cloud file storage and sharing app for legal professionals concerned about file security, especially given compliance requirements for attorneys under American Bar Rule 1.6 Association (ABA).

Arlene Bein, Senior Director of Member and Customer Relations for the New York Bar Association, said, “AXEL Go is a great addition to our member benefits because data security and privacy privacy have never been more important to lawyers. She added, “We are impressed with how easy AXEL Go is to use and think our members will be too.”

Ben Ow, President of AXEL, said, “We are thrilled to launch our partnership with the New York City Bar Association. New data breaches and ethics notices constantly remind attorneys that they must protect client trust when operating their practices. He went on to say, “AXEL Go’s file management platform helps lawyers close their privacy and data security gaps.

AXEL Go is a next-generation cloud file storage and sharing application used to collect, store and share files more privately and securely. Built with state-of-the-art blockchain technology, a decentralized cloud, and the same encryption technology that government agencies and the military use to secure their most confidential files, AXEL Go helps professionals by adding barriers between the most sensitive files of their customers and unauthorized access by bad actors. . AXEL Go also easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook and cloud-based law firm management software Clio Manage.

Attorney-client data security is a very hot topic in New York this year with the release of New York State Bar Association Ethics Board Notice 1240 regarding the fact that contacts on a lawyer’s smartphone are considered confidential under Rule 1.6 for lawyers practicing in New York. . AXEL Go is one of the few applications available for legal professionals that does not access, share or exploit user contacts and data.

AXEL Go gives legal professionals full control over their data and is also a defensible and easy-to-use option for collecting evidence while preserving metadata. For small collections and bulk files, the tool eliminates the need for expensive forensic examiners. Available as a mobile, desktop, or web application, AXEL Go deploys in minutes, requires minimal training, and is available to attorneys anywhere in the world. Plans start at $9.99 per month and range up to $999.99 per year, with discounts and a free trial available for New York Bar Association members.

About Axel
AXEL is a technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just like you, we are consumers of technology products and services. We created our blockchain-based AXEL network because we believe that the privacy and security of our files and data is not a “feature” or a “value-added benefit”, but a fundamental human right. Available to legal professionals worldwide through partnerships with the ABA and other legal organizations, AXEL Go uses patented technology to provide powerful file management tools and technologies, ensuring your digital content remains private and secure, both at rest and in transit, virtually anywhere. in the world.

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