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Alton Police Recognized Statewide by the Texas Police Chiefs Association Law Enforcement Reconnaissance Program


ALTON, Texas (KVEO) – Alton Police have been recognized statewide for their efficiency and excellence in law enforcement.

The Texas Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Recognition Program “Recognized Law Enforcement Agency” award was announced Wednesday evening.

It’s an award that less than 10 percent of Texas law enforcement agencies have received.

In order to qualify, the department must comply with more than 168 best business practices for law enforcement in Texas, as well as pass in-person inspections from outside police departments.

This is something that Police Chief Jonthan B. Flores says is a reflection of the hard work of the men and women of Alton Police.

“I’m so proud of the men and women across the department, they’ve worked really hard over the past 11 months to make sure we get this done and cross the finish line,” said Flores, “I am so excited for them, they should be so proud of their efforts and the fruit of their labor is evident when they complete this program.

The award is based on all aspects of law enforcement operations, including the use of force, protection of citizens’ rights, vehicle pursuits, asset and evidence management, and patrol operations / investigation.

“This achievement reaffirms that the Alton Police Department is at the forefront of professional policing and is committed to providing professional and quality policing service to our community,” said Flores.


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